Aria Azizi was born in Herat (Afghanistan), where he had studied Persian miniature painting and was granted his first diploma by the Kamāl ud-Dīn Behzād Institute. His graduation work was „Scent Of Light“, a theatre play dealing with the Sufism philosophy in Behzad’s painting “Layli and Majnun“. The play celebrated its premiere at the International Theater Festival of Afghanistan in Kabul in 2007. 

He moved to Kassel, Germany 2010, where he concluded his studies in Design and Media Technology (at the Walter-Hecker-Schule) with a diploma.

In 2012, he then began studying Film and Television under the guidance of Prof.Yana Drouz at the University of Kassel, as well as taking classes led by renowned cinematographer Thomas Mauch and filmmaker David Safarian. 

Additionally to his work, he attended various film classes, among them a workshop held by Mohsen Makhmalbaf.

His work as an independent filmmaker is situated in the production of both fictional and documentary films. He shot films in Afghanistan, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Serbia, Macedonia and Greece, and worked as a cinematographer, producer and cutter for more than 20 intercultural short and feature-length films. In order to learn more about „how the world is thinking“, he focuses on portraying different cultures and showing the versatility of human life.

Aria’s films circle around the authenticity of the human being in its uniqueness. 

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